Altun Ha Belize Cave Tubing
Altun Ha Sun God Temple

Altun Ha Belize Cave Tubing Tour: An hour northward out of Belize City, your disembarkation point, along quaint country roads, secondary rainforest, Creole villages and isolated farms, rises the majestic beauty of the Maya ceremonial center called Altun Ha (rock stone pond). Royal priests ruled Altun Ha for many centuries, and traded with other Mayan centers in Meso America. Some 45 years ago, Dr. David Pendergast of the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada, along with his excavation team, discovered a tomb of a priest in the Temple of the Masonry Altars, and in it, a nine and three quarter pound jade carving of the Sun God, Kinich Ahau a�� a world famous event! Climb prepared stone steps to the stars! Surround yourself with the aura of these ancient stargazers living in the rain-forests of Belize. After a delicious Belizean lunch, and your time travel experience of the Maya Civilization, move to Nohoch Chea��en Archaeological Reserve for your Cave Tubing Adventure.

Altun Ha Belize Cave Tubing Tour: An houra��s easy drive west from Belize City brings us to the Sibun Caves Branch cave tubing site a�� with modern bathrooms, secure parking, excellent jungle restaurant, and handicraft shops. After changing, grab your tube, life vest and caving light, and walk a leisurely jungle trail through two dry cave systems and under beautiful primary broad-leaf rain-forest to the entrance of the cave system and the most popular tour in Belize a�� cool and comfortable floating through gorgeous stalactite and stalagmite filled caverns where the ancient Maya people once practiced the important rite of traveling through the underworld, ruled by the nine dark lords of their cosmological religion. Your guides will take you safely through the system, and then, at the end of the caves, enjoy a beautiful outdoor float under the canopy of the rain-forest, with some sunshine coming down through the canopy. At the end (this is actually a circuit a�� you float back to where you started hiking!), enjoy a fabulous local lunch, and then back to your original start point.

Altun Ha Belize Cave Tubing a�� Meeting Point:

Pickup from Water Taxi Terminal, Municipal Airstrip, International Airport, Hotels in Belize City and Tourism Village.

Altun Ha Belize Cave Tubing a�� Whats included:

  • Pick up/ Drop off at the Terminal entrance
  • vardenafil cost

  • Clean and comfortable, air-conditioned van
  • Professional tour equipment (headlamp, life vest,tube)
  • Licensed, highly trained, experienced, knowledgeable local guide
  • Park entrance fee
  • Purified water
  • Traditional Belizean lunch
  • Complimentary Belize City Sightseeing Tour (time permitting)

Altun Ha Belize Cave Tubing:
Altun Ha Maya Ruins and Nohoch Chea��en Park

Altun Ha Belize Cave Tubing Tour Time:
Traveling Time: Approximately 1 hour to Cave Tubing 1 hour to Altun Ha 1.5 hours Cave Tubing 1 hour Altun Ha 1 Hour return to Belize City.
Total Tour Time: Approximately 5.5A� hours

Altun Ha Belize Cave Tubing Recommended Wear:

  • Water Shirt or T Shirt with swimsuit
  • Sunblock, Cap
  • Change of clothes
  • Towel
  • Water Shoes, Sneakers, NO FLIP FLOPS ALLOWED
  • Water proof camera

US140.00 per person 2 persons minimum
US120 per person 3 – 10 persons
US110 per person 11 or more.

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