Business travel is coming back, but it looks different

If you’re looking for proof that, at least psychologically, we are mostly over the pandemic, look toward the skies. 

On Wednesday, United Airlines reported more than $12 billion in revenue for the prior quarter, the most money the company has made in over a decade. Thursday, American Airlines told investors it made its first quarterly profit since the pandemic hit. 

Those companies’ planes are mostly packed with pent-up demanders for vacation travel. But a more lucrative passenger is also returning to the skies: the business traveler.

Justin Strelow is generally thrilled to be traveling for business again. Although he’s not


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10 Affordable Hotels To Consider

Traveling on a budget in Norway may prove challenging for most solo travelers. The Nordic nations offer unique experiences to any traveler. The weather may not be the best, but the landmarks and different phenomena make up for a worthwhile trip.

Fortunately, there are various budget-friendly accommodation options for travelers. These options range from hotels to lighthouses. Here are the affordable options travelers should consider when traveling to Norway.

10 Rica Hotels

With over 70 hotels, the Rica hotel offers efficient loyalty bonuses to visitors. The hotel gives tourists discounts and provides the best accommodation rates in its various branches


At a LIV Golf Event, Thin Crowds and a Tense Start

BEDMINSTER, N.J. — Standing over his ball on Friday, Phil Mickelson, the prized acquisition of the new, Saudi-backed LIV Golf series, lined up his opening tee shot in the breakaway circuit’s event at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster.

Just as Mickelson, who reportedly received an upfront $200 million signing bonus to join the insurgent tour, was set to begin his swing, a fan 15 yards to his right yelled: “Do it for the Saudi royal family!”

Mickelson backed away from the shot as a security official approached the fan and told him he would be removed from the grounds if