Dowell Dima Dongxi Lake Sales Centre

Project Description

The main intent of the space is to create a smart and an efficient space, a casual destination, an inspirational gallery and blurring the boundary between visitors and staff’s interaction spaces. The main atrium plays an important role as a beginning of the experience journey that gives first impression of the space to visitors. It is a triple void space that allows visual link three dimensionally to key nodes for easy spot way finding.

In the atrium space, the designer converted the existing pillar right in the middle of the space from a threat to a signature. The ‘Smart’ pillar connects the 3-storey space visually and surround itself with key spaces such as an information centre, a temporary exhibition space, and an interactive break-out space. The pillar indeed becomes a welcoming symbol that emerges from a time-travel platform looking information desk to the atrium ceiling. The ceiling design concept is generated from brain neural connections which is seen as the intelligence connectivity network. Hence, the whole gesture from pillar to ceiling characterizes the innovative intelligence platform. The soft and curve silhouette not only reflect an image of the tech and innovation, it also ensures the continuous outline developed from ground level to the top.

Another feature in the atrium space is the grand journey stair. The stair is positioned right next to the main entrance, very visible and integrated with mini public amphitheatre seating area. The journey stair is designed to be landing at the key spaces together with smart pillar. The vegetation fusion adds a sustainable aspect to the vertical journey. The sales centre is designed to allow visitors to learn about the property and company’s latest product, through spaces that are actually convertible like the exhibition spaces that are equally an interactive co-working space and break-out space. With the integration of the latest tactile and virtual-reality tech, the sales office has become the initial blueprint of the smart and sophisticated experience of the future development.

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