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Whew! What a year!

Let’s just acknowledge it, the challenges we’ve all shared have been arguably more daunting than any most of us have experienced – ever! And, while they haven’t all disappeared, I think you’ll agree that at long last it’s time to begin to right ourselves and get our local economy firing on all cylinders again … and in new and exciting ways.

A thank-you goes out to both past and current members of the Brattleboro Area Chamber of Commerce. As we approach this post-pandemic period, it is particularly gratifying to us that so many of you continue to support our efforts to promote greater Brattleboro and the eclectic business community that makes up Brattleboro. The thing is, we need all of you! Your membership has truly never been more important to us and to the cause ahead. If you’re not currently a member please consider joining this effort! Our strength as a business community has always been in number and I believe that goes for our community as well. Let’s go big!

The Brattleboro Area Chamber is poised and ready to go! And “go” means helping you — all of you — present a vital and vibrant community face to locals and visitors alike. Let’s face it, as more and more people around the country are vaccinated there will be more and more travelers looking for great places to visit. We need to be on their radar! One of the ways the Chamber ensures that this happens is to help get the word out far and wide. And one of the vehicles that drives this effort is the annual Brattleboro Area Chamber of Commerce Member Directory & Area Guide.

This time-honored, full color, magazine-style publication has earned its place as the definitive “go-to” resource for businesses, organizations and individuals seeking information about our area and community.

We are working to make the upcoming edition the best ever to hit the stands! With 13,000 copies distributed throughout Windham County and beyond, the Chamber directory is a great and economical way for businesses and organizations to promote what they do so well.

Once again, the Chamber has contracted with the Brattleboro Reformer to publish our guide. Their sales team is out canvassing our members with advertising possibilities – above and beyond their free guide listing. As they were last time around, the rates are extremely reasonable given the scope of the publication, wide distribution, and long shelf life.

It’s a modest marketing-dollar investment, which yields an entire year of return!

Distributed throughout Windham County and well beyond these boarders, the Chamber guide’s reach stretches across the country to folks seeking relocation and tourist information – yes, some people still love print! Additionally, your guide will be distributed from the Guilford and Hartford State Welcome Centers, which cater to some one million visitors each year! Guilford is arguably the gateway center to Vermont with the most traffic in the state, boasting over 600,000 travelers annually. Clearly, your business or organization should be listed in this publication!

The Brattleboro Area Chamber of Commerce is one of the leading business and community organizations in Windham County. We’re also one of the oldest — going back to 1906! We look forward to continuing the work we do to make our region a great place in which to work, live and visit.

Again, it’s good to be back, isn’t it?

Greg Lesch is the interim director for the Brattleboro Area Chamber of Commerce.

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