Historic Jamestown, NY Upgrades Its Downtown Wayfinding System in Time for Summer Tourist Season

ROCHESTER, N.Y., July 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — To accompany efforts in a downtown revitalization project, the vibrant and historic City of Jamestown, New York, located in the southwest corner of New York state and hometown of the legendary Lucille Ball, hired ID Signsystems to develop an urban wayfinding sign system to facilitate visitor mobility and enhance the pedestrian experience throughout their downtown, ahead of the 2021 summer tourism season.

Working closely with the City of Jamestown project team, engineers Bergmann Architects and the New York DOT, IDS designed and installed a series of complex highway-compliant directional signs, guiding tourists to historic sites located in the city’s downtown district. IDS utilized the Octopus fingerpost wayfinding system, an attractive and vibrant aluminum sign system that points pedestrians in the right direction.

Digital parking meters were also installed as part of the project. They were sourced and installed by IDS, delivering a modern parking experience for visitors to downtown Jamestown.

Through an established fast-tracked timeline that included detailed site surveys and precise design submittals to the DOT, sign design, production, and installation, IDS delivered the project in under six months, meeting the summer project timeline.

“Complex urban wayfinding projects are becoming a significant part of our signage portfolio. Jamestown has been a credit to our team as we addressed some challenging design and field obstacles and delivered a successful outcome for the city,” said Paul Dudley, President, ID Signsystems.

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About ID Signsystems: ID Signsystems has been designing and building innovative sign solutions nationally and internationally since 2005. Headquartered in Rochester, NY, IDS offers client-focused solutions in architectural signage, design and lighting. United by a multi-layered understanding of materials and industry best practice, the IDS team are powerful partners for businesses and organizations developing both their brand and environment.

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