‘How much do they pay?’

A pianist is sharing what it’s like to perform professionally in some of his city’s most luxurious hotels.

Musician Josh Nesbitt (@joshuanesbit1), who lives in London, revealed the fascinating info in a now-viral TikTok. In that clip, he showed an average day in his job of performing inside four- and five-star hotels.

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Nesbitt’s video is part of an ever-growing trend, where TikTokers reveal their uncommon or unusual jobs. In recent videos, users have shared what it’s like to work as an overnight stocker at Walmart, how much NFL waterboys get paid and how container ship officers navigate their massive boats.

In Nesbitt’s clip, he shares what appears to be an average day, featuring two performances at two separate hotels. First, he gets on the train around lunchtime and heads to the Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square, a five-star hotel near the city’s Tower Hill.

Nesbitt gives a tour of the “rotunda lounge,” a circular, luxurious dining area with a piano in the center. The instrument, he claims, is worth close to 1 million pounds (or about $1.3 million).

After he’s done, another pianist takes over and he heads to the next gig. This one is at the Dorchester, another five-star hotel, located in London’s posh Mayfair neighborhood. Nesbitt says he’s been working at the hotel since last summer.

The video sparked a wave of questions from TikTok users. Many wanted to know how Nesbitt made a living from talents as well as how much he earned.

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“How much do they pay?” one user asked.

“Do you ever receive tips?” another asked.

“Is this your full-time job? another wondered.

In the comments section, Nesbitt answered many of those questions, although he wouldn’t reveal what he makes. But he told TikTokers he often earns tips, adding that frequently gets song requests from diners.

Additionally, he explained that he earns a living from a combination of hotels and private events, such as weddings. Many TikTokers seemed envious of his job.

“How does it feel to LIVE MY DREAM,” one user wrote.

“Such an amazingly cool job to have,” another added.

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