International Competition for Masterplanning Design of Qingshuihe Comprehensive Transportation Hub

Project Description

As the last developable land in Luohu, one of the earliest urban area in Shenzehn, Qingshuihe was once the border of the Special Economic Zone, and has subsequently lagged in growth in terms of the city’s innovative and technology industries. Located at the nexus of multiple strategic links of the region and surrounded by mature supporting facilities, the area possesses favorable conditions for development. Seizing on these potentials, it is designed to transform Luohu’s modern industries.

The design merges station-city road, rail traffic, and compound space to render seamless connection between urban and traffic functions. “This is not just the construction of a high-speed rail station, but an urban district renewal. We hope to build Qingshuihe into a super hub city with a high degree of integration. The core areas are integrated into the slow traffic network of the Qingshuihe Hub to realize the coordination of the urban and the hub functions,” Liang expounded.

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