National Plan for a Vacation Day is next month

Each year we recognize National Plan for Vacation Day in January, but experts say that may be too late to wait this year. Here to give you a jump on vacation planning is travel expert Jennifer Weatherhead.

Why should we try and get ahead of planning that vacation right now? Jennifer says because travel is picking back up and people are getting out there wanting to do these vacations. She says you want to make sure you are booking now instead of later, making sure you get a good deal and you get the trip you want.

Where does Jennifer recommend? Well, Jennifer says I am going to send you to Boise, the capital of Idaho because it continues to surprise visitors with its dynamic mix of urban amenities, cultural gems, and amazing outdoor opportunities. Jennifer says if you ask her, it is really the best of the Pacific Northwest. It has vibrant multi-cultural influences like the Basque food, and wine, and they have tons of hiking, and they have the Boise River that runs straight through downtown with a 25-mile green belt. There is 40 wineries and 20 craft breweries and they also have great skiing so this is a perfect weekend getaway destination

Jennifer says she loves a good cruise, and Celebrity Cruises has 14 award-winning luxury cruise ships traveling to 300 destinations on all seven continents. She says they have some amazing deals right now. A Celebrity Cruise is also one of the safest vacations that you can plan right now, as they require vaccinations for everyone eligible and 100% of the crew is vaccinated so you can be safe while you are savoring all the restaurants, cafes, bars, lounges and enjoy wellness the spa while you are on the ship.

Jennifer says she is always up for a beach vacation whether it is the Caribbean or Hawaii and with they have over 70 world-wide destinations to choose from. She says they offer great all-inclusive vacation packages, making your trip super stress-free.

You want to make sure your vacations is stress-free as possible, and Jennifer says she does it by using Kidde’s Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Smartphone app. She says it allows me to check in on my home from anywhere at any time. It gives real-time notifications and is available in the Google and Apple stores and it is also available at the Home Depot for just under $90 so it gives you a lot of piece of mind while you are on your trip.

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