Popular Mid-Michigan hotel cancels local events, telling businesses they will close | News

MUNDY TWP, Mich. (WJRT) – For many Mid-Michigan businesses when they needed to book a space for a large event they typically turned to the Holiday Inn Gateway Center in Mundy Township.

However a local business tells ABC 12 that’s about to change after they received a call from the hotel saying they needed to cancel it’s event because the center is closing.

“It was just I’m sorry we’re closing, we’re not going to be able to have your party,” Karen Church, CEO of ELGA credit union said.”

“Not many places offer the space that you need for three or 400 people.

Church was planning to hold the credit union’s annual employee appreciation party there in March but quickly had to find a backup location after receiving the unexpected call today from the facility.

Many other businesses with booked events at the center are in the same boat.

“It takes a large room to host 4 or 500 people and the events that need that space are scrambling,” Church said. “I feel just awful. They will have to readjust everything they have planned. It’s a lot of work.”

For months the hotel had been struggling after they lost their franchise branding with the intercontinental hotels group. In addition to the 171 rooms they also have the largest banquet facility in Genesee county.

Surrounding restaurants say they also feel the impact from the hotel’s permanent check out.

“The hotel is one of our bread and butter parts of the business,” Redwood Steakhouse and Brewery manager Shawn Alejandro said. “They bring in business people from all around during the week.”

Alejandro says the closure will certainly impact their day to day but at the same time more people have also turned to them for other services.

“I know my catering manager in the last few days has seen quite the uptick in inquiries and referrals from the hotel looking for a space to host their events, now that they’re not an option,” Alejandro said.

ABC 12 did reach out to Gateway Center Hotel owner Terry Riddle for comment about the potential closure but are still waiting for a response.

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