Punters Trapped In Pub For Third Night By Storm Arwen

Punters who have been trapped in Britain’s highest pub since Friday evening (26 November) enjoyed a lovely karaoke night last night as they spent their third night inside the 17th century hostelry.

61 people have been stuck in the Tan Hill Inn up in the Yorkshire Dales since blizzards hit on Friday as a result of Storm Arwen, downing power cables and creating snow drifts that have made it impossible to leave.

The Tan Hill Inn. Credit: PA
The Tan Hill Inn. Credit: PA

The people in the pub had been there to see Oasis tribute band Noasis, and have remained trapped there since, although it sounds as if there are much worse places to be trapped.

Sure, they’ve had to sleep on makeshift beds and couches, but they’ve also enjoyed a nice quiz, watched films on a big projector, and been served a buffet meal as well as a traditional Sunday lunch.

Some have said they ‘don’t want to leave’ once they are able to get out.

The pub sits 528 metres above sea level, and is the highest up in Britain, but also incredibly exposed to the elements.

It's Britain's highest pub. Credit: Alamy
It’s Britain’s highest pub. Credit: Alamy

As the snow came down on Friday, it saw drifts get as high as the bedroom windows of the 17th century hotel.

The pub’s general manager Nicola Townsend told the PA news agency: “It’s just been lovely and everyone is in really good spirits… it’s a really good atmosphere.

“They’ve formed quite a friendship… like a big family is the best way I can describe it.

“One lady actually said ‘I don’t want to leave’.”

On Saturday, everyone had a whip-round for the staff who’ve also been stuck in there with them, raising about £300 in cash for them.

Yesterday, the staff and guests decorated the pub for Christmas before a karaoke night.

Townsend, who lives in Leyburn, believes that the enforced stay has forged bonds between some that will last for way longer than the Yorkshire snows.

Describing the conditions, she explained: “The blizzards were horrendous, how the snow was drifting, it was going all the way up to almost the bedroom windows.”

Still, there are probably worse places to be trapped. Credit: Alamy
Still, there are probably worse places to be trapped. Credit: Alamy

Since then, a tunnel has been dug out of the pub’s entrance, but the roads are still impassable partially due to downed power lines.

Mountain rescuers have attended to one guest who requires medical treatment for an ongoing condition, but otherwise everyone is fine and in good spirits.

Let’s hope they managed to keep a fire going and wrapped up warm, as temperatures around the UK dropped to well below freezing last night, and are expected to stay low for much of the day.

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