See How Much Genie+ Costs On New Year’s Day At Disney World

In October of 2022, Disney announced they would be adding variable pricing to Genie+.

Magic Kingdom

Instead of the original set price of $15 per-day, the Genie+ daily price would change based on how crowded the parks are. Initially the plan was to charge $15 on less busy days, $22 on the busier days, and somewhere in between at other times.

Well, we already saw that change when it came to the holidays. Over Christmas the price for a single day of Genie+ climbed to $29 and this trend of higher prices has stayed strong. Today on New Year’s Day, the cost for a single day for one person was $29 again! This hasn’t deterred guests, though. We have learned that now a majority of guests are purchasing Genie+ on a daily basis.

Lightning Lane in Disney World

Another 2022 change was the elimination of allowing guests to purchase Genie+ as an add-on to their park tickets. This was probably an effort to avoid guests locking in a lower Genie+ price for a specific time of year by buying the service ahead of time. This rule went into effect on June 8th of 2022, meaning that January 1st, 2023 is the first day at Disney World without guests using tickets that include the Genie+ ticket add-on. All current guests using the service will have purchased it day of — except for those finishing up vacation packages that started last year.

Rise of the Resistance Lightning Lane and Standby Entry

With all of these constant changes, it can easily get confusing to understand exactly how things like Genie+ work and what it means for you and your future trips. To help you plan, stay tuned to our site for any future updates!

If you are looking for a crash course on Genie+, then this guide is for you!

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What do you think of all of these changes? How do you feel about knowing most people are spending the extra money for Genie+? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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