Spending the night at the Crescent Hotel

EUREKA SPRINGS, Ark. (KY3) – It floats above Carroll County like a palace in the sky. Inside, the Crescent Hotel is far from heaven.

“Very large and kind of creepy,” one paranormal investigator said in the lobby.

Built as a luxury getaway for the most wealthy, this four-story building was also a college for women and most infamously Dr. Norman Baker’s hospital for cancer patients.

“Norman Baker was no doctor,” said a Crescent Hotel ghost tour guide. “He had never been to medical school. Not one day.”

At this hotel, a picture is worth a thousand questions. From arms floating in the morgue to see-through specters peering in the hallway. Guests believe they’ve captured ghosts on film.

One time, a man took a photo of his wife in room 3500 and then notice something in the picture. The tv was off at the time of the photo, but there’s an image of a woman appearing upside down.

“We captured something already,” Four State Paranormal founder, David Glidden gets over his walkie-talkie.

Great news during setup for Four State Paranormal. An audio session from Room 218 turned up some evidence.

The first death of the Crescent came during construction. Michael, an Irish stonemason, fell to his death from the fourth story. His Spirit is said to haunt Room 218, the spot where his body was found.

That’s where the team caught a voice.

“How do you like it here, Michael,” an investigator asked in Room 218.

“Yes, Mike’s in here,” a voice whispers into a microphone and was later heard when it was played back.

That’s what’s known as an E.V.P. Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

“When a spirit communicates,” Glidden said, “it communicates on a really low frequency that we don’t hear. And it filters through on the microphone leaving his imprint on the recorder.”

“What do you guys think about that,” Chad Plein asked the guests.

“That’s why we came (here),” the guests said.

“Have a good night’s sleep,” Chad told the guests.

After showing the couple the E.V.P. it was time for the team to go to work. They turn off the lights and head to the morgue. Yep. This hotel has a morgue.

In the 1930s, Norman Baker made the Crescent his hospital. He claimed he could cure cancer. It was a scam. He convinced hundreds and made millions of dollars.

He’d operate, amputate, and when it was all done, it was off to the morgue dumping the bodies into a cooler. It’s believed more than 400 people died at the Baker Hospital; some may still linger.

The investigation there starts with a disembodied voice calling out into the darkness.

“Hey,” a voice was heard by the team.

“Obviously, you want to get our attention when you said ‘hey,” Glidden said into the darkness.

The answer is captured by the audio recorder.

“Is the answer still yes,” an EVP could be heard when an audio recording was later reviewed.

Something was speaking in riddles and playing hide-and-seek with the team that night. Often something was seen popping out from around a corner, looking at the investigators.

The entity made its final statement as the group was leaving the morgue. It appears, whatever was down there, was happy to see us go.

“Thank God,” a voice could be heard whispering on the microphone after reviewing the recording.

The pieces of audio captured adds to the Crescent’s claims of it being the most haunted hotel in America.

“It’ll be the same thing that’s happened to someone two weeks ago, two months ago, two years ago,” hotel employee Bill Ott said about the claims of hauntings. “So it gives it credibility.”

Four State Paranormal led the overnight investigation of the hotel for KY3. You can click here for a YouTube channel called Haunted History created by Four State Paranormal founder, David Glidden.

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