TikTok is up in arms over after a luxury hotel charged a guest $14 for 2 small bowls of steamed white rice

mbs receipt steamed rice luxury hotel room service

A Tik Tok user with the ID “richlife1688” posted a receipt detailing a room service order of two bowls of steamed rice that cost $13.88.richlife1688/TikTok

  • TikTokers are fired up over a room service receipt from Singaporean luxury hotel Marina Bay Sands.

  • The receipt details a purchase of two bowls of steamed white rice for S$18.83

  • For context, an 11-pound bag of rice at a local Singaporean supermarket is cheaper than one bowl of rice at the hotel.

A TikTok video showing just how much a bowl of rice can cost at one of Singapore’s luxury hotels has gotten people