The Best Resorts for Families with Infants and Toddlers

When my newborn son turned one month old, I got him a passport. By 10 weeks, he was approved for Global Entry. To say Julian comes from a travel-loving family is an understatement. Pre-pandemic, I was on the road about half the year for work and pleasure. Fantasizing about where I would take him first helped me power through late-night feeding sessions—until it occurred to me, Oh right, traveling with kids is hard. All that gear to schlep! All those dirty looks on planes! And how on earth was I supposed to soundproof a hotel room when he inevitably throws a temper tantrum at 2 a.m.?

Instead of allowing myself to be overwhelmed with real and manufactured anxieties, I decided to do my research. Many hotels that claim to be “family-friendly” focus on the five-and-up set, trumpeting their edutainment programming and kids’ clubs for kindergarteners to tweens. But what about families with younger children? There had to be resorts for families out there that could make traveling with an infant or toddler (slightly) less exhausting. Ones that minimize how much junk parents have to pack, and always make babies feel welcome—even when they’re having a meltdown. Surely they didn’t all have Disney, Beaches, or Great Wolf Lodge in the name, right?

What follows are 15 truly infant- and toddler-friendly picks across the U.S., Mexico, and the Caribbean. These properties go above and beyond for their littlest guests, while simultaneously offering plenty of vacation-worthy draws for weary parents.

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