The Caribbean’s Newest Overwater Bungalow Resort Is in Panama

It remains one of the great frontiers for Caribbean travel aficionados: Bocas del Toro, the spectacular archipelago in the Caribbean waters off the coast of Panama. 

For years, it’s also been home to the vast majority of overwater bungalow resorts in the region, at least until Sandals entered the space several years ago. 

But now there’s another significant new addition: Bocas Bali, a luxury overwater resort in the heart of Bocas del Toro. 

caribbean overwater bungalow panama

The resort, which opened late last year, has a mix of 16 overwater villas, along with a 70-foot freshwater pool and an eatery called Elephant House. 

Most notably, Bocas Bali has created what it calls the world’s first “aerial beach,” an elevated, 90-foot-long, 20-foot-wide beach set on a platform. 

“We have the most picturesque private island retreat at Bocas Bali and the only thing missing was the beach,” says Dan Behm, owner and founder of the hotel. “We wanted to create an experience in a class by itself that pays homage to the incomparable natural setting while providing our guests the luxury of a private beach experience on our exclusive island.”

caribbean overwater bungalow panama
The new “elevated beach.”

The beach, called Kupu-Kupu (which comes from the Indonesian word for Butterly), has white sand, lounge chairs and a lounge called the Tipsy Bar. 

Green quartz-tiled stairs cascade down from the beach to allow guests to go straight into the water. 

caribbean overwater bungalow panama

The property is also 100 percent off the grid, powered by solar energy, using an eco-friendly wastewater treatment system and a construction process that specifically avoided any coral interference. 

“Sustainable luxury is the core of Bocas Bali,” says Scott Dinsmore, general manager of Bocas Bali. “We are very proud of what we have created.”

For more, visit Bocas Bali

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