The Worst Resorts on Disney Property

There are more than twenty-five resorts on Disney property at which people can stay. I know the word “worst” seems strong, but hang in there. When I say worst, I mean the resorts that aren’t worth the money or experience. Food is also a significant factor when I look at these resorts and rate them. There are three resorts that I feel are the absolute worst. 

The All-Star Resorts. These resorts used to be the go-to for quick weekend getaways for my dad and me because it was about $80 a night. I can no longer say the same for this collection of resorts. During college, I liked coming to these resorts to grab some food and take a walk, but I learned that these resorts are the furthest thing from peaceful. I used to understand the “well, these resorts are more affordable” view on these resorts, but for not much more, you can stay at a moderate resort with nicer rooms and better service. I’m not fond of one All-Star Resort the most, and it’s the All-Star Music Resort. The best part of that resort is the Three Caballeros pool. It is $156 for a standard room toward the end of January, the weekend of the 21st. I think $156 is way too much money for this resort. It’s a motel. The Intermission Food Court is nothing out of this world. It has your basic burgers, chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, and a few specialty dinners. As of right now, each All-Stars has the same lunch and dinner menu. I loved these resorts as a kid. I thought the larger-than-life photo opportunities were so fun, and it felt so immersive at that ripe age of five years old. As an adult, I see this place as somewhere that could be more. 

All-Star Movies

I wish that these resorts could be completely redone. They could keep the idea of having larger-than-life characters and icons throughout the resort, but I think they need a redo. These resorts feel like they are stuck in the 90s, at least the outside. The rooms were recently renovated to become more modern, but they also look bland. The lobby and the food court should get renovations to look more modern but still find ways to show the theme. For example, the entrance for All-Star Movies could have movie posters displayed in chronological order by release date. The food court could be made to look like a sleek, new movie theatre. All-Star Music could have a lobby filled with elegant colors, a chandelier made out of sheet music, and the area could be turned into a place to remember influential Disney musicians. The food court could play original Disney parks music and show off photos from the soundtrack-making process behind movies. All-Star Sports could be made to look like a modern-day sports stadium in the lobby.

The End Zone Food Court could be elevated. The furniture needs an update, but I do love the artwork displayed in the seating area. I feel there are so many ways to keep the theme and elevate the feel of the resorts. I’m not saying they should bulldoze the whole area, but they could make changes to the resort that make it feel less like a motel and more like a resort worth $156. For about $24 more a night that weekend, you could stay at Universal’s Cabana Bay. Cabana Bay is an excellent example of a highly themed resort, yet it has a sleek and clean look. The food at Cabana Bay is also ten times better, and you are only minutes away from the fun. If you would like to save money that same weekend, for $96 a night you could stay at Endless Summer Dockside Inn and Suites. Not to say that Universal is better than Disney, but you have options. 

Larger than life photo opportunities

Of course, there are plenty of excellent resorts on Walt Disney World property like Wilderness Lodge, Animal Kingdom Lodge, Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter, Coronado Springs (and Gran Destino Tower), the Polynesian, the Riviera, the Boardwalk Inn, and even Pop Century. Many of these come with a higher price tag and better food options. Dreams Unlimited Travel can help plan your next vacation, whether to Walt Disney World or Universal Studios Florida. Both theme parks have great resorts attached to them. I do have to say that the three All-Star Resorts are the worst resorts on property. 

Let us know in the comments below what you think the worst resort is at Walt Disney World and why.

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