Why Travel Advisors Should Sell YOLO Travel Experiences

After a long trying year for the tourism industry, travel is finally coming back in earnest. Beginning early last summer already, destinations and resorts were slowly opening back up with limited capacity, and airports began seeing more and more travelers as the year went on.

As of recently, though, Americans are feeling safe traveling again, and this is seen through TSA’s increasing passenger traffic numbers. People are not only coming back to travel but coming back with vengeance. ‘Revenge travel’ was even a phrase that was coined last year during the coronavirus pandemic. Taking travel away didn’t sit well with a lot of people, and they are ready to hit the road and make up for lost time.


With this mindset in place, travel advisors can encourage YOLO travel for their clients. Travelers not only have pent-up demand for travel but the extra money to do so.

Added perks and upgrades for a vacation are always nice touches, but now more than ever, you’ll want to paint a picture-perfect vacation experience for your eager clients. They are almost all going to be willing to spend a bit more for added value.

So, what do these YOLO travel experiences look like?

It’s important to keep in mind that they may appear different for each client. One might be interested in the nicest room category at the resort, and another might have their sights set on a luxurious spa treatment. Others may be interested in a unique excursion they haven’t taken yet.

Outdoor Spa Cabin
Enjoy a relaxing massage in an outdoor spa cabin at Dreams Tulum. (Photo via AMResorts)

ALG Vacations has several ways for travel advisors to raise the bar on their clients’ vacations. You can offer to spruce up their trip right off the bat with a private transfer to the resort, or you can mention the option for a private dinner on the beach.

From room upgrades and spa days to special excursions and extended stays, there’s always a way to make a good vacation better – and ALG Vacations provides advisors the opportunity to book all these extras in one convenient reservation.

Your clients know they want an epic vacation to celebrate the resurgence of travel, but they might not think of these added experiences for their trip. It’s your job to let them know what’s available.

Splash Into Summer at RIU Hotels & Resorts
Splash Into Summer at RIU Hotels & Resorts (photo courtesy of ALG Vacations)

Travel advisors have the unique position of connecting travelers with the tourism industry, and agents are a key component to the industry’s recovery. To celebrate the importance of agents, ALG Vacations created the Year of the Travel Advisor program. This allows the vacation company to not only show support to agents and suppliers but also its continued appreciation for all they do.

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