Woman Goes Viral After Reporting She Was ‘Scammed’ In A Resort In Jamaica

“Thank you for the opportunity to respond and correct the story Mrs. Robinson shared via TikTok, as she had already received a refund at the time of her posting. Customer service is the foundation of our resort experience, and we will always act in the best interest of our guests.

Following please find a timeline of the events:

– Mrs. Robinson and her partner, Mr. Lee stayed at Sandals Montego Bay in December 2021. While already on resort, instead of contacting the spa, Mr. Lee booked two couples massage treatments through our online portal on his credit card, totaling $680 ($340 per treatment).

– On December 28, the couple enjoyed the treatment however due to a system issue, the online charge was not recognized at the spa and an additional $680 charge was placed on Mrs. Robinson’s credit card, which was the card held on the room for incidentals.

– When the couple realized they had been charged twice upon returning home, Mr. Lee contacted us on January 18, 2022 and we immediately began the process to refund $680 on his card, which was completed on February 1.

– On March 11, although the couple had already received a refund on Mr. Lee’s card, Mrs. Robinson filed a dispute with her credit card; the credit card company ruled in favor of Sandals Resorts on March 28.

– On May 2, Mr. Lee contacted us again to inform us that he intended for the massage to be a gift for his partner and wanted to pay for it himself and asked us to issue the credit on Mrs. Robinson’s card instead. We were happy to make this change on his behalf, which was completed on May 4.

– Upon reviewing the case further, we noticed the couple only used one of the two booked massages and never cancelled the second booking. Although spa treatments are only eligible for refund if cancelled before 24 hours of the service, we extended an additional refund of $340 for the inconvenience of the duplicate charge, as well as 5000 Sandals Select points.

We were surprised to see this addressed on social media as we already corrected the issue, but are confident the charges have been resolved, despite her post.”

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